Your Business Will Boom with ILeap Retail.

The benefit's of ILeap Retail Solutions are never ending....



Improve the GMROI, Stock turns by identifying opportunities across Channels.



Create winning assortments by deciphering the customer buying trends.



Real time decisions to seize the opportunities as well as improve inventory productivity.


Operations - Store/Channel 

Understand sales, traffic and conversion trends to improve  performance.



Analyze the Customer Demographic Segments, Market Basket Trends, Campign performance, promotion perfromance etc.



Deeper insight into demand, backorders, cancellations, shipped sales and returns across all channels.

Expand Business with Advanced Retail Analytics

It would be great if you could easily identify the customer trends and take the right action at the right time enahncing your sales, margins and inventory productivity

 ILEAP Retail Business Intelligence combines retail best practices and advanced retail analytics into role-based, actionable workflos that empowers your team to address various business challenges.Witht he Alerts and exceptions framework and prebuilt analytics rather than spending the time digging through mounds of data, your team has more time to think strategically, take action, and run the business.


ILeap Retail Intelligence Offer Deeper Insights

With ileapretail, you can make the most profitable retail merchandising decisions, direct to consumer and store operations decisions. You can rely on ileapretail Gamebooks to provide industry best practices that help:

  • Avoid stockouts, reduce store-to-store transfers and minimize overstocks
  • Boost sales and operating margins with early identification of trends
  • Postpone the need for markdowns and protect margins
  • Improve inventory productivity by increasing turns and reducing carrying costs
  • Free up open-to-buy for hot sellers and expanded assortments
  • Increase productivity and cross-functional collaboration for a more strategic approach
Retail Analytics