Merchandise and Assortment Optimization

ChannelsEvery retailer is challenged with how to effectively plan and execute unique channel/ store-level assortments that match local consumer demand. In order to determine the profit-maximizing merchandise mix for each location, retailers must consider vast amounts of dynamic demand and supply information, product/location attributes, historical performance, current trends, and strategic and financial objectives.


Pre Season Planning:

  • Assortemnt Architecture and Range Plan.
  • Category Sales and Stock Plan.
  • Channel/Store Plan



  • Item level Plans for all the key items.
  • Top down and Bottom Up planning.


In Season Execution:

  • Analyze sales, turn, and margin and highlight significant deviations.
  • Reforecast Sales, inventory , markdowns and margins during in season.
  • Identify Out of stock and overstock situations and take corrective actions.



  • Better understand and manage inventory performance across channels
  • Open-to-Buy optimization to determine allocation of funds in buying the right assortment to maximize profits.