Enhance Multi-Channel Retail Insights to improve Sales and Margin

ChannelsWith multiple channels/formats like ecommerce, EBOs, MBOs, Shop in Shop and wholesale etc. the complexity of decision making has increased multifold. The Brands and retailer are looking for a comprehensive multi-channel view of performance across various departments to make more profitable decisions.

With ileap’s Multi-Channel Analytics, the team can get deeper insight into Sales, backorders, cancellations, shipped sales and returns across all channels. The various retail functions like Buyers, Merchnadisers, Store Operations team, Marketing team can perfrom various decisions in a rapid manner. 


Buyers  :

  • Understand the Customer  buying trends to create balanced assortments
  • Analyze in season what and how much to reorder.
  • Analyze vendor fill rates and performance



  • Identify product quality issues and high return rates
  • Respond to product perfromance and accordingly place reorders or intitate markdowns


Planners  :

  • Identify the slow seller items and when to markdown.
  • Reforecast Sales, inventory , markdowns and margins during in season.
  • Identify Out of stock and overstock situations and take corrective actions.



  • Better understand and manage inventory performance across channels
  • identify and liquidate the Aged inventory to maintain freshness.


Channel/Store Operations:

  • Alerts to identify the Stores/Channel performance exceptions
  • Analyze the Traffic and conversion Trends
  • Improve the Cross Sales by training the staff.



  • Optimize the employee's scheduling to enhance the conversions
  • Enhance the employee and cashier productivity


Channel Marketing:

  • Unsderstand the Customer  Segments and devise  marketing stratgies.
  • Create Campaigns tailored to customer segments.
  • Improve the Cross Sales by analyzing the market basket.



  • Analyze the promotion contibution and ROI.
  • Personalized Product recommnedations  online/offline.